How To Kill Moles

The task may sound unpleasant but if you are trying to learn how to kill moles, you must have an excellent reason for it. That reason may be because moles are creating havoc in your lawn. Mole hills are such ugly sights in a yard and the tunnels that these small rodents create are hazardous to people who might be playing or walking around within your property.

What are Moles?

Ground moles are small mammals that survive on live creatures like earthworms, grubs and insects. The fact is, moles can be beneficial in getting rid of grubs in your lawn but the raised ridges they create on the ground, which is caused by their tunnel system, more than outweighs their benefit. It is the destruction that they cause that force homeowners to get rid of them. If you want to find out if there are moles in your yard, you simply have to look for a cone shape mound of earth on the ground, which is the entry point to the burrow underneath.

How To Kill Moles In Your Lawn

Basically, there are a couple of categories where every method on how to kill ground moles falls into. The first is done by trapping the rodents and the second involves the use of poison. There are those that recommend drowning but this method of getting rid of moles is largely useless.

How To Kill Moles By Trapping

There are various kinds of traps that are available on the market, which are very effective in killing ground moles. Two of them are:

  • Scissor Trap – this kind of mole trap is placed in a tunnel that is actively used by a ground mole. When it goes through the jaws, the animal will hit a trigger that will then cause the scissor to snap close, trapping the mole
  • Harpoon Trap – one of the best methods on how to kill moles, this trap works best in shallow tunnels. As the animal goes through the tunnel, it pushes the trap trigger up, releasing the harpoon and killing the mole

Other more popular mole traps include the choker trap, the tube trap and the pincher trap.

How To Kill Ground Moles By Poisoning

When poisoning is your preferred method of killing ground moles, there are various methods that are used ranging from baits to shelf poison to car exhaust fumes. Although it may sound fun to kill moles by using your car exhaust, it is very difficult to do and ineffective. However, if you enjoy being the talk of your neighborhood, you can try it.

If you are more serious about getting rid of ground moles, the most effective method are baits and poisons. Take note though that although poisons and baits are effective ways on how to kill moles, you need to do multiple applications and you need to water the poison into the burrows. If all things fail, do not experiment and do methods totally out of the books of known ways on how to kill moles, simply look for your local pest exterminator and let the experts do it.